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First, advanced equipment, advanced technology, product quality, product innovation and research and development profiles
1. Advanced equipment, advanced technology: the company in the purchase of new equipment to service production, improve quality and reduce costs for the purpose of production lines to achieve operations, the implementation of the production of computerization, a substantial increase in product quality and technological content, product testing , Packaging, transportation to achieve a standardized, universal, standardized.
2. Excellent product quality: the company strict quality control, production process management in the implementation of the "three off system" and "rdquo ;. First, strict feed off. Strict examination of the various qualifications of suppliers and product-related quality inspection reports, and spot checks, the company also with the provincial and municipal quality supervision and inspection departments, the annual inspection of finished products from time to time to ensure that customers in the hands of all products are environmentally friendly, Qualified quality products. Before leaving the factory, all products have to go through the company quality inspection department of the strict control of quality inspectors, substandard products may not be factory, it is because the company in the production management on the use of the process for the management unit approach to "fine, Fine, strict "as the basic criteria, in each process interlocking, round after round of checks, quality and quantity, on schedule, efficient delivery.
3. Focus on product innovation and research and development: the company clearly recognized that, in order to lead the product, first design lead. The company adhere to the "I mainly, I have no people, I have gifted, people have my fine" ralph lauren pas cher, the principle of regular organization of professional designers to Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and other places to study new technologies, Design new ideas, independent research and development and innovation, design and production to meet the needs of customers to "simple, fashion, taste, culture," for the purpose of the design, from the product aesthetics, firmness, convenience, comfort to " Green type, environment-friendly, low-carbon, healthy "furniture, produce a kind of not only make customers feel elegant, comfortable and considerable health care material to enjoy, and access to spiritual and cultural deep enjoyment effect.

Second, customer first, quality of service standardization
Companies adhering to the "zero quality defects, zero service complaints, customers zero complaints" concept, so that customer satisfaction is the eternal theme of the company's services, product users to implement after-sales service commitment. After-sales service department with a person, car, special phone, so that users really enjoy the satisfaction of the service.   
      With excellent product quality, good market reputation and quality after-sales service, sales coverage Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei and other regions, exported to Japan, Sudan and other countries, product reputation, , To further enhance the reputation, won the praise and praise of domestic and foreign customers, and gradually formed a "rise of the Central Plains, the radiation, to overseas" open development pattern.

Third, people-oriented, talent strong enterprises
Soft power to support hard development. The company always adhere to the "people-oriented, talent strong enterprises," the strategy, with a high one, ancestors a beat, one step forward development vision, from the production and operation of the reality, the implementation of "both ability and integrity, to Germany first" The principle of selection of talent; to "electable, fair competition," the principle of appointment of personnel; "performance to honor, reward and punishment clear" the principle of assessment of personnel; "unity and cooperation, common development" principle, Held, cultivated a high, intermediate management personnel, professional design talent, technical personnel 108 people, the basic construction of all kinds of talent "to grow a channel, the development of space, want to officer to the opportunity to the officer to the post, dry matter To the status "of the platform. Formed a management, technology, skills, three teams go hand in hand, coordinated development of the new pattern.