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Shear bending zone
CNC bending machine

The slider adopts the upper-moving bending design, and the double-rail structure runs more smoothly. The parallel tolerance of Y1 and Y2 is ±0.01mm.
The deflection compensation amount is automatically set by the numerical control system to ensure that the long bending angle is consistent.
Advanced full-closed electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control system for hydraulic systems.
The rear positioning system is driven by digital AC servo motor, ball screw drive and linear guide. Suitable for producing multiple bends and high precision workpieces.

CNC shearing machine

The numerical control system is installed, the back gauge is programmed, and the stroke is quickly and accurately positioned. The system displays the precise distance of the back gauge and the positioning accuracy is ±0.15mm.
The blade gap quick adjustment mechanism enables stepless adjustment of the knife edge gap.
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