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Actual chip evacuation flow statistics of chip conveyor
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For all types of machine tools, the chip conveyor is one of the few devices that can be used to help the continuous operation of the main equipment. In addition to the chip removal principle of the chip conveyor, the flow of chip removal is also a concern of the user. It is hoped that the actual flow of the chip conveyor can be accurately counted by the use of the flow monitoring system.


In order to view the flow of the chip conveyor, we can improve the filtration efficiency of the chip conveyor by installing a sight glass on the valve. Before that, first make sure that the valve mirror of the chip conveyor is intact and keep it clean before installing it. Also check the flatness of the lens holder. Finally, after the mirror installation is completed, confirm the chip conveyor.

By installing the sight glass, the user can easily view and count the chip evacuation flow of the chip conveyor and use it as a basis for troubleshooting the chip conveyor.

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