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JS series integrated chip removal filter system
B、Vacuum negative pressure cooling and purifying device
Performance characteristics and uses:
         It is suitable for large flow coolant in cutting and grinding process, with high flow rate, high efficiency and reliable filtration.
         It mainly meets the needs of complex multi-mechanical processing, chipping, spindle internal cooling and tool cooling of the workshop assembly line.

It consists of the following parts: drive gear motor, dirty liquid tank, negative pressure chamber, liquid storage tank, working pump, filter cloth and electronic control system. After the coolant containing impurities enters the dirty liquid tank, the working pump starts to work, and the negative pressure formed in the negative pressure chamber causes the dirty coolant to pass through the filter cloth into the negative pressure chamber to form a clean liquid, which is then returned to the host by the working pump. During this process, impurities are adsorbed on the filter cloth, and a part of the clean liquid is stored in the liquid storage tank. When the filter cloth is severely blocked, the signaling system issues a command to drive the geared motor to automatically update the filter cloth, and the machine enters the next cycle.
The machine is suitable for large-flow coolant filtration and is suitable for the regeneration and purification of various types of machine grinding fluids.

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