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JSL chain plate series chip conveyor
50 chain plate
●Suitable for conveying long chips (50mm) and round chips.
●Large scope of application.
●Delivery length within 10 meters.
●Chain plate thickness t=2.3mm pitch 31.75mm.
  80 chain plate
●Suitable for a large number of chips.
●Chip conveying within 30 meters in total length.
●Chain plate thickness t=3mm pitch 50.8mm.

50 chain plate    80 chain plate
 Size of each part    Size of each part
   W 250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600
    H 140,165,200
    a 30, 45, 60, 75
    H  a =60:190.9 or more
    L  10000 or less
    L3  326.9 or more
    A  A>W
   W 250 ~ 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600,
  350, a =00 when 300
    A 425, a=00 when 300
    α 45°  .60°
    H α=600:300 or more
    L  30000 or more
    L3  450 or more
 性能    性能
Geared Motor 0.2KW  4P AG 220/380V
Chain C2052HP pitch 31.75mm
Conveying Rate 0.9m/min[50Hz],1 .1m/min [60Hz]
Conveying Capacity w=300,h=165时 0.24m3/h [50Hz]
                           0.30m3/h [60Hz]
Safety Device Forque limiter+approaching switch
Scrap Requirements Chips with length over 50mm
 Optional Device

Electric control box
Coolant recycling device(for high-efficiency
 recycling of coolant attached on cutting 
Oillet type chain plate(where large quantity
 of coolant will be used)
Salient point type cl-ffiin plate(to avoid smal
l flaky scrap being attached on chain plate 
during the converying period)
Geared Motor
0.4KW 4P AC 220/380V
α=0° L=15000 is not full
0.75KW 4P AC 220/380V
α=45°,60° L=15000 is not full
1.5KW 4P AC 220/380V
α=45°,60° L=20000 or more
Chain C2082HP pitch50.8mm
Conveying Rate 0.75KW
3.5m/min [50Hz]
 4,2m/min [60HZ]
Conveying Capacity 0.75KW  α =45°  ,W=35°
0.85m3/h [50Hz]
Safety Device rorque limiter+approaching switch
Scrap Requirements Chips with length over 50mm
Optional Device

Electric control box
Coolant recycling device(for high
-efficiency recycling of coolant
 attached on cutting scrap)

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