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Eddy current separator

   Eddy current separator
●Suitable for secondary filtration of coolant
●Space saving, no consumables
●Parallel design according to flow

The liquid flowing in from the inflow port is vortex-likely lowered, and the foreign matter is separated by centrifugal force. The divided foreign matter descends along the inner wall of the cone and is discharged together with the liquid from the lower nozzle. Further, the liquid from which the foreign matter has been separated forms a rising vortex at the lower nozzle portion, and is exhausted to the discharge port.

Conditions of Use   Performance
Coolant Objects Water soluble coolant,grinding coolant,etc.
Suitable Particles Particles of foundry,grinder,etc.
Density Of Particles 1.5 times or more than of the coolant
Diameter of Particles Must be pre-treated into less than 500um
Inlet Pressure 0.2MPa~0.35MPa
Inlet Volume 1.2 times or more than the treated volume
    Type Capacity of Treatment Precision of Separation
    HAl00 70~100L/min
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